“Let the people’s dreams take flight!”: a Poem on Human Rights


Zina Lemmers

By Aye Aye Win
In celebration of Human Rights Day, on 10 December, here is a little poem that my eldest daughter, Zina, did for her school, here in Strasbourg, France. The poem is her message to the world. It’s appropriate for the work we are all involved in. She illustrated her poem by writing each line on a leaf to grow a Human Rights Tree, full of colour and hope. Enjoy!

By Zina Lemmers, age 15, Lycée Pontonniers, Strasbourg

I may not be a speaker but I have a voice
And I am using it to give you a choice
You can live your life in all your greed
Or you can help those people in need

As you decide, keep this in mind
There are people you’ve left behind
Their lives are today
As sad as they were yesterday

To free them from this misery
We must all live in harmony
Let’s put a lock on our want
And let the poor go in front

They are diamonds in the rough
Persevering even when times are tough
Let’s give them all the opportunity
To let them show who they are truly

I’m asking this with all my heart
Let’s give them a hand, let’s make a new start
Let’s break the past and build
A future of hope, everything fulfilled

Let’s open our eyes so we can see
The change that we all want to be
Let’s raise our voice for those who can’t speak
Let’s give strength to those who’re weak

Let’s hear their music and together dance
Let’s give all their aspirations a chance
Let’s gift them wings so they can fly
High above the big blue sky

Let’s grant their wishes and build their well
To want and greed, let’s say farewell
A loving heart means more than gold
So let’s bring everyone out of the cold

Let’s stay by their sides everyday
And let them roll the dice today
Let’s put an end to all terrors
And let them learn from our errors

Let’s bring cheer to end their tears
And chase away their saddest fears
Give them the space to come out of the dark
So they can prove they have a bright spark

Let’s find a cure for their pain
And united, we can shake off the rain
Let’s be friends forever and more
We are stronger together, that’s for sure

All this may seem a lot, you see
But trust me it’s easy as can be
There is just one thing you must do
To make these people’s prayers come true

I hope you will use your voice right
And let the people’s dreams take flight
Choose to make the world a better place
and bring a smile on everyone’s face

In my message to you, I ask
Let this be your only task
In your heart and mind, try to find
Every single way you can…




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