By asha bandele (United States)

15754639580_d371735fc9_zIn May of 1857, having just heard of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Dred Scott case (for those of us thinking of Travyon Martin today, ironically it was filed as Dred Scott v Sandford), which in effect validated the existence of slavery and seemed to ensure its continuance, the great abolitionist, orator and ex-slave, Frederick Douglass, said:

In one view the slaveholders have a decided advantage over all opposition. It is well to notice this advantage…(but)  This is one view…there is another, and a brighter view. David, you know, looked small and insignificant when going to meet Goliath, but looked larger when he had slain his foe…. Thus hath it ever been. Oppression, organized as ours is, will appear invincible up to the very hour of its fall…. Take this fact—-for it is a fact—-the anti-slavery movement has, from first to last, suffered no abatement. It has gone forth in all directions, and is now felt in the remotest extremities of the Republic.

It started small, and was without capital either in men or money. The odds were all against it. It literally had nothing to lose, and everything to gain. There was ignorance to be enlightened, error to be combated, conscience to be awakened, prejudice to be overcome, apathy to be aroused, the right of speech to be secured, mob violence to be subdued, and a deep, radical change to be wrought in the mind and heart of the whole nation. This great work, under God, has gone on, and gone on gloriously… Our strength is in the growth of [our] conviction, and this has never halted.

In just under six years after Douglass made that statement, of course the Emancipation Proclamation was signed. 

And so for we who are the progeny of people who traversed mountains higher and more rocky than the ones we now climb; and with far fewer resources at their disposal, our fore-parents, like them, we continue.

We continue with all the care, compassion and strategic brilliance and partnership that has defined us every day leading up to this day.  We do it as those profoundly and indefatigably committed to another world for our children.

The horrific decisions out of Ferguson and now, New York, have this moment. We acknowledge that.  But knitting ourselves together I know this: we will write the final and beautiful chapter in history.

With a powerful belief in justice, in each of you and our children and our communities,

asha bandele.


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