Poverty and Shame in Uganda (VIDEO)

By Elaine Chase & Robert Walker (United Kingdom)

What is it like to live in poverty? Our research, carried out with colleagues in the United Kingdom, China, India, Norway, Pakistan, South Korea, and Uganda, found that shame is an important part of the experience of poverty in all these countries.

Using this research, we have produced a series of short films to start an alternative conversation about poverty. These films, produced in collaboration with the UK Media Trust, present these different world views back to the public, to the media, and to politicians.

In this, the third of the films, we meet two families living very different lives in Uganda. These films give us a glimpse behind the curtain of inequality, to see how each side lives, and what they think of each other.

As Blog Action Day 2014 approaches, we hope that the shame of poverty, one of the most insidious effects of inequality, will not be left out of the discussion.

Poverty and Shame in Uganda from Media Trust on Vimeo.

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