The Walls of Gallup Detention Center

By: The Artists of Gallup Detention Center (United States)

prison paintsIn Gallup New Mexico, prisoners in the local detention center came together to paint a series of murals on the walls of one of the common areas.  The inmates are mostly young men from the local Native American tribes. Many have been awaiting trial for months or even years and are hundreds of miles from family and friends; they receive no visits.  Part of their indigenous heritage has always been a close contact with the natural world, and the murals depict particular scenes that they know, transforming the walls that enclose them into windows to the world left behind.

(Photos by Vladimiro Pino; workshop run by Fannie Leroux and Vladimiro Pino).

The Windows of the Spirit

_DSC2549 copia

Shiprock, New Mexico

_DSC2547 copia

The Lodge at Santa Fe, Santa Fe New Mexico

_DSC2548 copia

New Mexico Life

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